Uterine Cancer Treatment

What is uterine cancer treatment?

Treatment is depends on the cancer stage and where the cancer placed. Treatment options for uterine tumor are surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy.


Surgery is the main treatment for uterine cancer. It will remove the uterus and the cervix called as hysterectomy. Sometimes, the fallopian tubes, ovaries or lymph nodes in the pelvis are removed at the same time. This is because uterine cancer is often found before it has spread beyond the uterus; it may be cures by a hysterectomy.

Surgery is made depend on the size and location of the tumors. During the operation, all or part of the tumor and some healthy tissue around the tumor are removed. After surgery, you may have some pain or nausea, or bladder and bowel problems. These side effects are usually temporary and can be controlled.

Radiation therapy

Larges machine is used to carefully aim a beam of radiation at the tumor called as a external beam radiation. The radiations were damages the cells in the path of the beam (normal cells as well as cancer cell).In internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy), radioactive material is placed directly into or near the tumor. Both type internal and external radiation is combining to treat uterine cancer.

Radiation therapy also have a side effect but it depend on the part of the body receives the radiation. The side effect such as more tired than usual, some bladder problems or notice changes to the skin where the treatment was given.

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal treatment defines treatment that removes hormones from your body or blocks their action and stop cancer cells from growing. Hormones are the chemical substance that are produced by glands in the body or made in a laboratory.

Uterine cancer usually grows in the presence of estrogen and progesterone hormones. For this treatment, tissue sample of uterine cancer cells taken in biopsy are checked for receptors for these hormones. If the cells have progesterone receptors, the tumor is progesterone receptor positive and may be treated with hormonal drug therapy.Estrogen receptor positive tumor do not respond as well to hormonal therapy. Hormonal drugs can be given as pills or injection or both.

Other than that, this treatment also has side effects such as bloating and increased appetite, which may cause weight pain. This side effect will go away after hormonal therapy has stopped.


Chemotherapy is a treatment that used drugs to treat cancer. It usually used after treatment with hormonal therapy or to relieve pain and control the symptoms of advanced uterine cancer. Chemotherapy drugs will action with the ability of cancer cells to grow and spread, but they also damage healthy cells. The side effect experienced to her is nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, hair loss and increased risk of infection.



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